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Our story is rather simple...

We are peanut butter fanatics.

The Nutty Peanut began with a vision from our fearless leader Michael Della Pia, who had a dream to create a space where people can enjoy healthy and delicious nut butters…

​Crafting nut butters from only the best, natural ingredients, his imagination (and hunger) pushed him to craft new flavors and ways to eat them. Which in short led him to pop-up’s & events where he could share his creations with everyone.

Locals immediately loved The Nutty Peanut in the Orlando area - and it became clear that more space was needed to bring our passion to THE WORLD. This realization lead us to opening a NEW facility in Sanford, Florida, and to bring in Michael’s trusted, longtime friend (and fellow peanut butter maniac) to help expand the vision.

Now together - they craft some seriously awesome nut butters & sandwiches with aspirations to open Florida's 1st Peanut Butter Café.

Our Story

Superboosted nutrition

The Nutty Peanut is 100% Natural - Small Batch - Craft Peanut Butter.

What does that mean?

We source only Natural ingredients for all of our nut butters, everything is Gluten, Soy, and Dairy free.

Also we're Vegan friendly and GMO free, we also use some super healthy staple ingredients in every batch like Golden Flax Seeds, Goji Berry Powder, and MCT Oil.

Small Batch means each jar is handcrafted with care at our Nutty Peanut Kitchen - we don't use large processing machinery or pump out jar after jar on the assembly line, even the labels are put on by hand.

Craft peanut butter is all about the love and creativity we put into each recipe, we've tried hundreds of versions, a ton of crazy variations, and if anything we are never short on new ideas.

The Nutty Peanut Difference

Thank You! Celebrating 1 Year of Nutty and many more to come - proud to be #TeamNutty

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