May 2019 - Hydrogenated Oil #TEAMNUTTYBLOG

Hydrogenated Oil

What is it and Why is it Bad for You?
Hydrogenated oil is a liquid fat that has gone through the process of hydrogenation - that is, hydrogen is added to it to turn a fat that's in liquid form at room temperature into one that's solid at room temperature. During this process, partially hydrogenated oils (a.k.a. trans fats) are formed. Trans fats are one of the most dangerous and unhealthy types of fat you can ingest.

Which Foods Contain Trans Fats?
Since trans fats require the hydrogenation process to form, they exist primarily in processed foods including margarine, vegetable shortening, ready-to-bake dough, fried foods, off-the-shelf peanut butter, and many packaged snacks. To be fair, trans fats can be found naturally occurring in some foods, such as meats and dairy products. However, naturally occurring trans fats in these foods are usually found only in very small amounts. So, you don't necessarily need to avoid dairy and meat altogether to make sure you aren't eating trans fats; just be careful of your intake.

Why are Trans Fats so Bad for You?
Trans fats are extremely dangerous for cholesterol levels. If you suffer from high cholesterol or heart disease, like Brett Michaels of Poison, you should take extra care to avoid trans fats at all costs. Trans fats are dangerous because they simultaneously raise your levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol while lowering your levels of HDL (good) cholesterol. Eating trans fats greatly increases your risk of heart disease and stroke, and researchers have associated trans fats with a higher likelihood of developing Type II diabetes.

The Nutty Peanut - A Healthier Alternative
If peanut butter is a part of your diet, it's highly likely that you're consuming trans fats every time you eat it, as the hydrogenation process is often used to turn the naturally occurring oil in peanuts into a solid, thereby keeping the finished product from separating. Not so with nut butters from The Nutty Peanut. We have a passion for providing our customers with a high quality product that contains only the healthiest ingredients. We never use partially hydrogenated oils in our products and, as a result, you may need to give it a stir once in a while to keep things together. The payoff is that you get all the flavor you want and none of the heart damaging trans fats you don't need. Hydrogenated oils and trans fats can be found in some of our favorite foods. With peanut butter from The Nutty Peanut, enjoy your snacks guilt-free, and maintain a deliciously healthy diet.
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