Anthony Heine



NP: Tell us a little about yourself.
Anthony: I was born and raised in Palm Beach Florida. I am an Internationally Ranked Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter, as well as working full time between bartending & personal training, but first and foremost I am a Dad.

NP: Why do you choose The Nutty Peanut?
Anthony: For me it was a no brainer! With my busy schedule and demanding training regimen I need to be able to give myself clean eats on the go. Not to mention, my little man can get convenient and healthy food in his tummy as well. I love the variety and as corny as it may sound, food made with love is always gonna taste better and thats what I appreciate about The Nutty Peanut.

NP: Tell us about some of your goals and achievements.
This year I was big for me. I was able to accomplish a lot of my goals

  • National pro title 2019
  • Florida State championship 2019
  • IBJJF Miami, Orlando, and Atlanta international open 2019
  • 3x state champion (Florida)
  • 3x national pro champion
  • Multiple time international IBJJF champion

I’m also undefeated as a professional grappler with a record of 4-0

NP: Where can people follow you?
Anthony: The best place to follow me is Instagram. I post footage, highlights, competition results and a little bit of me and my daily life with my son.

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