Frequently Asked Questions
What makes The Nutty Peanut Different From Other Brands?
The Nutty Peanut is 100% Natural - Small Batch - Craft Peanut Butter.
So what does that even mean?
Well, we searched High and Low to find the finest combination of peanuts using multiple sources to create a unique flavor exclusive to The Nutty Peanut. Also, we only use Natural ingredients for all of our nut butters, everything is Gluten, Soy, and Dairy free. We're Vegan friendly, GMO free and we super boost every batch with healthy ingredients you won't find in the average jar. (see more in the ABOUT US section of our website). Quite possibly the HEALTHIEST PEANUT BUTTER available.
Small Batch means each jar is made with care at our Nutty Peanut Lab (Kitchen) in Sanford, Florida, we don't use large processing machinery or pump out jar after jar on the assembly line, even the labels are put on by hand (apologies in advance for any crooked labels).

Craft Peanut Butter has everything to do with the love and creativity we put into each recipe, we've tried hundreds of versions, a ton of crazy variations and if anything we are never short on new ideas. We look forward to offering new flavors as well as seasonal spreads (like"Nutty Pumpkin" & Nutty Pumpkin Latte") in the future.
When does my peanut butter expire?
Will it be around long enough to worry about that? Seriously though, you have at least 10 months to finish it. Best By Date is marked on the lid of each jar. 
Do I need to refrigerate my jar(s)?
Although it is not mandatory, we suggest refrigeration to slow the natural separation of the oil in peanut/nut butter. Should you find separation occurring in your jar, simply stir it up well and enjoy.
Where else can I find products by the Nutty Peanut?
At the moment you can find our products in Orlando, FL at The District Market at Mills 50  and Gratitude Coffee. Keep an eye on the FIND US tab for any NEW info. Tell your favorite shop you want THE NUTTY PEANUT.
Where can I follow you on social media?
We appreciate your support and a grateful to have you share us with your friends, you can follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram. Also we'd encourage you to sign up on our email list for all things TEAM NUTTY!