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The Nutty Peanut Story, ‘Our Story’, is rather simple, just like our ingredients.
New Jersey (circa 1993)
Michael Della Pia and Michael “Mick” Rivera met on the music scene in Central New Jersey. Michael was a well-known drummer in the area and Mick was a crazy kid with aspirations of being a singer. After Mick made a guest appearance with a mutual friend’s band, Michael along with 2 other musician friends, asked Mick if he wanted to start a new band with them. That band was called “THIS” and they went on to make two 8 song demos and gain a few fans along the way. Eventually the band parted ways and in some ways lost contact.

Michael and Mick would reconnect some years later and find that they were still the best of friends and, in fact, shared another passion in common… PEANUT BUTTER. They could both reflect on times in their past when things were very challenging and putting food on the table was sometimes nearly impossible, and a good peanut butter sandwich was a meal staple. It also occurred to them that peanut butter had been there in great times as well, and they recalled fondly how a good PB sandwich could transport one right back to their childhood. Michael offered the idea of creating healthy small batch craft nut butters with fun flavors called THE NUTTY PEANUT and Mick instantly took to crafting their first logo. 

In 2017, Mick would move to Florida and start The Nutty Peanut as a full-time business with Michael. Together, they would take the passion and creativity that bonded them as musicians and bring it into the kitchen to craft some unique and healthy nut butters. The Nutty Peanut is now available nationwide and still made two jars at a time in small batches right in Sanford, Florida.

Great friends creating great things. That’s the story of The Nutty Peanut.

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