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Robin Lyttle

This stuff is delicious! I love the creative flavor combos. Most of them are even safe to share with my dog and he goes "nutty" when I get the jar out. The Wake Up Nutty, which is blended with Death Wish coffee grinds is my favorite. Lucky for me that's the one I cannot share with my pup. I usually eat it by the spoonfuls, no need for bread. But I do love the sandwich creations I've had at their pop up events. All interactions I've had with staff have been awesome. I've messaged them a few times on FB and received a quick response. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who even only likes peanut butter a little bit.

Solange Ortiz

The Nutty Peanut is the Best Artisan Peanut Butter ever. Their Combinations are extremely creative and delicious. Flavor balance and ratio is perfect. Their sandwiches are an upscale version of any childhood peanut butter sandwich. It’s a must taste for everyone!

frank kadar

If you love peanut butter, then you'll love the Nutty Peanut. They have the best unique flavors that's a great start to your morning or anytime during your day. Best of all, there are great people behind this business. You won't go wrong.

Dan Kline

Great products, I’ve tried several varieties and love them all. If you have an opportunity take advantage of their many events they attend and try it for yourself. You will be hooked!

Rose Harrigan

Really good peanut butter and they also make amazing peanut butter themed sandwiches!

lisa richmond

Delicious! Owner Mike is a great guy and really knows his peanut butter!

Alicia R.

I must say that I enjoyed the taste of each one. To pick a favorite would be difficult as each is it's own unique character and I can see myself indulging in any one of them at any given time. My childern enjoyed them all, as did my husband, who isn't exactly a big pb fan.

Alice R.

These are all a must try for any PB lover!
They each have their own unique taste, texture, and flavor to the palate. It is to difficult for me to choose one over another. It all depends on what your looking for at the moment. Absolutely love them all. Loved the "Wake Up Nutty" on pumpernickel bread with a cup of coffee on the side. Great job!

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